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The Freenet website is usually blocked in Iran.

[Mon Dec 13 2010] [14:35:20] <nextgens> toad_ apparently the website is blocked from iran
[Mon Dec 13 2010] [14:35:43] <nextgens> ( dixit
[Mon Dec 13 2010] [14:36:44] <nextgens>

General info (may be outdated)

80% of internet connections are believed to be dial-up.

The government is attempting to build a parallel national network, which will eventually be the only available option for people outside of work connections in key industries such as banking.

The national filtering system is described in very robust terms, and the government has shown it is prepared to grossly inconvenience people and businesses to keep it "clean" ... there is little hope of Freenet running in Iran any time soon, except perhaps as a largely internal Darknet.

Even as a darknet, almost any amount of collateral damage seems to be acceptable to the authorities (see their plans for a parallel network!), so that might not last long either. In any case Freenet doesn't run well on dial-up, so its potential here is limited...

Filtering status for our website can be seen here

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