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Moving an installation

Stephen Oliver edited this page Aug 13, 2016 · 1 revision

A Freenet installation can be moved between directories, operating systems, and computers with minimal hassle.

After moving the Freenet directory, one must update the following settings in freenet.ini to reflect any changes to file locations:

  • node.masterKeyFile
  • node.downloadsDir
  • node.install.userDir
  • node.install.tempDir
  • node.install.pluginDir
  • node.install.persistentTempDir
  • node.install.cfgDir
  • node.install.runDir
  • node.install.nodeDir
  • node.install.storeDir

Shortcuts, crontab entries, and the like should also be updated.

Note: The Java wrapper used by fred is not typically distributed with binaries for each platform, you may need to obtain alternate versions from the Freenet Github repositories in order to keep using the wrapper.

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