Reporting Bugs

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Please report bugs to us! Although of course some bugs are more urgent than others, we care about each report and will always try to help you.

How do I report bugs?

There are many ways to report bugs:

On the open web

Join us on IRC

Please try to wait longer than just a few minutes after asking a question.

The project is run by mostly volunteers, and thus it may take some hours until someone has the time to answer.

Use the bug tracker

This requires you to register, but then we will be able to contact you to confirm that the bug is fixed.

Email the support list

You will need to subscribe first to be sure that your message gets through quickly, otherwise it will be caught up in moderation.

On Freenet


You can report bugs there on the relevant board.


You can report bugs on the en.freenet board.


Freemail isn't very reliable or widely used at the moment.

Which information should I include in a bug report?

Explain what your actual specific problem is

For example, instead of "Freenet does not work", tell us what about it does not work.

Which operating system are you using? Windows, Mac, Linux? Which version of it?

Your Java version:

Type java -version into the command prompt / terminal / shell of your operating system and give us the output.

For Linux only: Is your Java based on an alternate implementation, such as GCJ?

Your Freenet version

Go to "Statistics" on the web interface

For problems which do show an error message

  • Please give us the full error message, not only parts of it

  • Please review it for private information, such as your IP address

  • pastebin such as and give us the link

do not copy-paste logs or other long information directly into the support chat

If Freenet crashes, or does not start

The full error message is usually in the wrapper.log file in the directory where Freenet is installed.

Please copy and paste the end of that file into a pastebin such as and give us the link.

Review it for private information before sending it to the Freenet developers, it usually contains IP addresses, ports, etc.

Note: On Windows, the tray icon will have an button for opening wrapper.log in a text editor.

For performance problems only:

  • Did you load any additional Freenet plugins?

  • Are you using external Freenet-based applications such as FMS or Frost?

  • How high did you set the download / upload bandwidth limit?

  • How much datastore disk space did you configure?

Bug tracker

Our bug tracker is located at

The Mantis bug tracker can be confusing at times. Here's a quick FAQ for questions about how we use it.

How do we handle duplicates?

Close the bug, and provide the id of the main version of the bug in the "duplicate id" field when closing it. Don't add a "duplicate of" relationship without closing, and close it rather than resolve it.

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