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Single File Manifests

Stephen Oliver edited this page Mar 30, 2017 · 2 revisions

Adding extra path elements to URIs works at present (they are ignored), but it will not work for much longer, because other URIs do not behave like this, and it makes it impossible to compare two freenet URIs without fetching them.

Hence you might insert a file as a CHK using ClientPut with no filename and get a raw CHK:


Historically people have tended to do this and then append a path like /<my filename> to it, to produce:

CHK@<blah>,<blah>,<blah>/<my filename>

The filename can then be changed by any user, because it is ignored by the node.

The problem is that this conflicts with the general usage of "/" in Freenet (and in all other URIs); usually a / indicates a manifest or container lookup.

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