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This page exists to provide a quick glance of the current status of the project.

See also roadmap for the next release



Freenet uses custom code for various subsystems including config, logging, l10n, error correction, and crypto. Out-sourcing this to external libraries would be helpful in reducing future maintenance. Also, part of the crypto code is from Freenet 0.5 and/or unreviewed.


Windows Installer

The windows installer and tray app

Debian Packages

Needs more work. Due to the lower rate of mandatory updates since 2014, it would be feasible now.

Mac Installer

The Mac installer and tray app


Translations are done over Transifex.

New user interface

Many different ideas. The current interface works, but it’s often inconvenient.


There are a wide variety of Freenet-based applications which you could chose to work on! See Projects


Seed nodes

We could do with more seed nodes.


We need feedback on how Freenet performs under different conditions.



Opennet can by design only provide limited security (which means that it roughly compares to tor and i2p and needs a huge number of users to provide security against a big attacker. Use the Darknet if you can, and be aware of the Security summary.


Can make it easier to trace users via mobile attacker source tracing if files should stay available a long time or if they are provided on request. Sharing files for a limited amount of time (weeks to months) works well.


This wiki

We're still migrating from the old wikis. See contributing to the wiki if you want to help making it better.

Bug tracker

Provides extensive notes on plans and possibilities. Also includes many trivial bugs that should be fixed - or were already fixed but not marked as resolved.


Provides a list of defects and other metrics for some of Freenet main projects based on a static code analysis.

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