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Branches and issues

  • Whenever possible, one commit per feature.
  • If feature/pull-request branches have only one developer, please regularly rebase them onto master until they are merged in.
  • Don't merge branches with meaningless commit messages; always squash them instead.
  • Wait for discussion of big changes. Your branches will still be here tomorrow.

Coding Style

  • Use lowercase filenames
  • Do not use underscores in filenames
  • File extensions:

    Type Extension
    Markdown .md
    HTML .html
    JPEG .jpg

Take note about the following fileextensions is preferred over their alternatives: .md, .html, .jpg

Editorial content

  • Use British English
  • Abbreviate with caution
  • Avoid contractions
  • Do not use hyphens as em dashes. Em dashes do not have space around them.
  • Avoid jargon
  • Content changes require approval
    • If you are on freenode staff, you should know where to ask
    • If not, any staff can relay to the right people as appropriate


  • Four spaces as indentation
  • Opening curly bracket on the same line as the selector
  • One selector per line, if multiple selectors are grouped then commas + newline is used
  • One space between selector and opening curly brackets
  • Closing curly bracket should be placed on its own line with one empty line after
  • Rules containing only one Declaration can be put on one single line, a space is required after { and before }
  • Comments
    • One line comments (/* ... */) should have a space after the opening /* and a space before the closing */
    • Multi line comments should have the closing */ on an own line, text are allowed on the same row as the opening /*. Note that there must be a space after the opening /*. One asterix per line, aligned with the ones in the opening and closing /* and */, with one space after the asterix
  • Abbrevations are allowed if they are explained in a comment just before their first appearance. Format: /* <abbrevation> = <expanded abbrevation> [(optional comment)] */
  • All variables should be declared in :root {}
  • All custom media should be declared directly after :root {}
  • Reuse variables rather than creating new ones, if possible. (this is to keep a condensed palette)
  • All colors must be variables, no colors are declared after :root { }

This does not apply to third party css such as open sans, font awesome and freenode.css


  • Templates are Jinja2 based
  • Four spaces as indentation
  • No direct internal links, use {{ url_for("") }}
  • External links should include protocol, https is a must if the site linked to supports it, target="_blank" is preferred
  • Comments should only be template comments, {#- ... #} instead of <!-- ... -->
  • If there are a newline in an element the opening and closing tags should be on it's own lines (expanded elements)
  • One line elements (collapsed elements) preferably shouldn't be any longer than 80 characters.
  • Use lowercase element names and attributes
  • All elements should be closed, including empty elements such as <meta content="" /> and <br />
  • Quote attribute values with double quotes. (use single quotes if the attribute value contains a double quote)
  • No inline styles are allowed
  • No spaces around =

A .footerchild should contain at least 3 items, it just look silly otherwise.