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Reverted Phototrophic and Self-Sustaining to be tag-driven (and thus …

…more robust)

Cleaned up species.txt:
* alphabetized species,
* set macros and stringtable descriptions in consistent order
* made some species names consistent

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J. W. Bjerk
J. W. Bjerk committed Jan 20, 2013
1 parent 2a21812 commit 9cf843b24cac85970a1f0e44b9bd7069cee9c10c
@@ -465,9 +465,9 @@ def evaluatePlanet(planetID, missionType, fleetSupplyablePlanetIDs, species, emp
popSizeMod -= 1
#have to use these namelists since species tags don't seem available to AI currently
#for special, namelist in [ ("PROBIOTIC_SPECIAL", ["SP_HUMAN", "SP_SCYLIOR", "SP_GYISACHE", "SP_HHHOH", "SP_EAXAW"]),
#for special, namelist in [ ("PROBIOTIC_SPECIAL", ["SP_HUMAN", "SP_SCYLIOR", "SP_GYSACHE", "SP_HHHOH", "SP_EAXAW"]),
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