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@Vezzra Vezzra released this Sep 8, 2015 · 9105 commits to master since this release

Key Changes:

  • Replaced Ogre3D with SDL based windowing for human client
    • Improved mouse rendering and responsiveness and keyboard behaviour, particularly when switching between windows
  • Interface and turn processing time improvements
    • Tech tree rendering speed especially improved
  • Extensive AI updates
  • New pedia content including introductory articles on game concepts and the interface
  • Revised colonization mechanics to allow producing a building that will convert an outpost to a colony
    • Species added must have a supply connection from a already-populated planet with sufficient happiness
    • Production time depends on distance from the production location to the already-species-populated planet
  • New graphical combat summary
  • Improvements to the object list window
    • Additional object list column types and filter conditions
    • Added right-click commands to object list to set planet focus (this works for multiple planets at once)
    • Made the objectlist update when a planet changes focus
    • Fixed layout placement of buttons in object filter window
    • Fixed object list column sorting of numbers (as numbers instead of as text)

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