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@Vezzra Vezzra released this May 1, 2017 · 4588 commits to master since this release

Key Changes

  • Fighters

    • Launch during combat and attack on subsequent rounds
    • Ignore shields when attacking
    • Cannot attack planets and are not attacked by planets
    • Destroyed by any attack by other fighters or ships
    • Flak weapon shoots multiple times per round and can destroy fighters, but does minimal damage to ships
  • Alliance Supply

    • Empires may propose and agree to an alliance with each other
    • Allied empires connect their supply networks through each others' supply connections
    • Allied empires resupply ships within each others' supplied systems
    • Allied empires share visibility information
  • Fractional Production Progress

    • Production item progress is now stored as a fraction of completion, rather than amount of PP accumulated.
    • Changes in the production cost now can't instantly complete something that has had its production cost reduced.
  • Beginner Bonus

    • When the max AI aggression is set to Beginner Mode, the human player gets bonuses to ship shields, planet troop garrisons, and resource output.
  • AI Improvements

  • Many new pedia articles, categorization, and improved search

  • Production items on the queue may be paused and resumed

  • Ancient Guardians may appear as a defensive ground force on planets with specials, instead of Sentries that attack any ship in the system

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