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Soundfont resources

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Collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds

Link to web site

Philharmonia Orchestra Sound Samples

Creative Commons licensed sound samples. Please note that their web site lists an additional condition that makes the samples non-free.

Link to samples

MuseScore Soundfont links

SoundFonts recommended by the MuseScore project

Link to web site


A collection of public domain soundfonts and instrument/sound effect recordings.

Link to github archive

University of Iowa Music Instrument Samples

Freely available for use without restriction.

Link to web site

Ethan's Original Soundfonts

Royalty free soundfonts created by Ethan Winer.

Link to web site

OLPC Free sound samples

Links to free sound sample resources.

Link to wiki

Titanic Soundfont

High quality MIDI soundfont by Luke Sena. Please note that, while it is labeled as "public domain", the included LICENSE file contradicts it and reveals that it is actually non-free.

Link to Arch Linux archive

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