Some tools written in Javascript
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Author : Mathieu "freepius" Poisbeau (

Some tools written in Javascript.

Finite list widget

From a list (IN) of distinct elements, allows the user to fill a finite size list (OUT), by dragging and dropping.

  • each element of IN can appear only once in OUT ;
  • empty elements of OUT are filled by a default element .

Switch default list widget

For each element of a ul or ol list :

  • allows to switch it to a default element (by a 'delete' tool) ;
  • allows to redo this switching (by a 'redo' tool) .

Dates range picker widget

From 2 "input-text" DOM elements, creates a "dates range picker" widget. This script exists in a "jquery-ui datepicker" version, and in a "bootstrap-datepicker" version.