Template apps for the PInSoRo dataset analysis
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PInSoRo Dataset -- Data Analysis Template App

This project is part of the 'Free-play Sandbox' experimental framework for Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction research. Check the PInSoRo website for details and documentation.

Screenshoot of the GUI

This repository contains well-documented application skeletons to run analysis on the PInSoRo dataset.

You can use them as starting points for your own applications.

Currently, only one skeleton is available, for video analysis. More to come (please open an issue if you have specific needs).

Pre-requisites for all the templates

  1. You need to install Ubuntu 16.04 (we do not recommend using a virtual machine as the performances will not be satisfactory and some applications require native access to a GPU)
  2. Install ROS (Kinetic or Lunar)
  3. Depending on your ROS distribution, install the ros-kinetic-desktop or ros-lunar-desktop package:
sudo apt install ros-kinetic-desktop # or ros-lunar-desktop
  1. Open a terminal and install the following additional packages:
sudo apt install git build-essential cmake
  1. Create a src/ directory and clone this repository:
cd ~ && mkdir src
cd src
git clone https://github.com/freeplay-sandbox/analysis-templates.git
cd analysis-templates
  1. Compile the templates:
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

Video analysis

Screenshoot of the GUI

The video analysis template shows how to:

  • open a bag file
  • access the compressed RGB frames for the 2 front cameras
  • access the pre-processed poses file
  • use the pose file to plot the location of the facial landmarks, skeleton features and hand features

Once compiled (cf above), you can run it from the build/ directory:

./devel/lib/freeplay_sandbox_analysis_template/video_analysis <path to one recording>