Qt-based annotation tool for the Freeplay Sandbox dataset
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Free-play Sandbox -- Dataset Annotation GUI

This is one of the sister repository of the 'Free-play Sandbox' experimental framework for Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction research.

Screenshoot of the GUI


This software has only been tested on Ubuntu Linux. Due to the reliance on ROS (specifically, ROS Bags to store the data), Windows is not (and can not be easily) supported.

If not yet installed, start by installing ROS (tested with ROS Kinetic, but other versions might work as well). You want to install ros-kinetic-desktop or ros-kinetic-desktop-full.

Then, install the dependencies:

> sudo apt install ros-kinetic-audio-common-msgs libgstreamer.*1.0.*-dev

Then finally:

> git clone https://github.com/freeplay-sandbox/annotator.git
> cd annotator
> mkdir build && cd build
> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..


From the directory containing the source, execute build/freeplay-sandbox-annotator. Type in your name, and then select the bag file you want to annotate.

To create annotations, open the page http://<ip of the computer running the annotator>:8080 from another device (like a tablet). You should see the following interface:

Screenshoot of the Web UI

Annotations are automatically saved next to the bag file as <bag file>.annotations.<name>.yaml (the status bar indicates the full path to this file).

The coding scheme is documented here.

Keyboard shortcuts

  • Press Del to clear all annotations.
  • Press Ctrl+S to save the annotations to a different file.
  • Press Ctrl+O to load annotations.
  • Press F11 to toggle fullscreen.