A Web interface to record and manage the Freeplay Sandbox task
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Free-play Sandbox -- Web interface for experiment control

This is one of the sister repository to the ROS and the QtQuick-based GUI of the 'Free-play Sandbox' experimental framework for Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction research.

Supervisor screenshot

This repository contains a CGI server and a web interface to control the Free-play sandox experiment: start/stop nodes; manipulation of the QtQuick interface; recording of participants.

The web interface is made of a FastCGI server to bridge ROS with a web application, and a HTML GUI that allow the experimenter to control the experiment from a web browser.


First, install the ROS and QtQuick-based GUI.

Then, install the dependencies (and a web-server):

> sudo apt install python-flup python-jinja2 nginx


> git clone https://github.com/severin-lemaignan/freeplay-sandbox-supervisor.git
> cd freeplay-sandbox-supervisor
> mkdir build && cd build
> cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release ..
> make install

Finally, configure your webserver. Assuming nginx:

> sudo cp share/nginx.conf /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/freeplay_sandbox_supervisor
> sudo service nginx restart

(you might want to change the configuration to use a different port -- 80 by default)


> rosrun freeplay_sandbox_supervisor supervisor

Then point a webbrowser to your server. For instance, locally: http://localhost:80