Enables simple git-based deployments to freerange-compatible hosts
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Allows simple, git-based deployment on freerange-compatible servers (see assumptions below)

How to use

In your project, run:

$ freerange-deploy setup REPOSITORY HOST [NAME]

This should add a Capfile, config/deploy.rb and config/deploy/production.rb files to the project. Feel free to edit the deploy.rb and production.rb files as you wish.

When ready, from your project run:

$ cap production host:setup
$ cap production deploy:setup

The first command adds a VHOST file to /etc/apache2/sites-available and enables it. The second does the standard capistrano setup stuff.

For simple apps, you should now be able to deploy:

$ cap production deploy

Configuring Redis on server

You can install redis on the destination server by setting this variable in config/deploy.rb

set :require_redis, true

Now when you run the cap:setup task redis will be installed or you can run this task manually:

$ cap production setup:redis

Redis is installed with the ubuntu default config living in /etc/redis/redis.conf. It will run on port 6379.


  1. You're deploying as 'deploy'
  2. You're deploying to /var/www/
  3. The deploy user has write access to /etc/apache2/sites-available
  4. The deploy user is a sudoer