6 Tests fail on Ruby 1.9.3 #41

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bkabrda commented Nov 25, 2011

6 tests fail for me on Ruby 1.9.3:

  1. Failure:
    test_should_stub_private_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnModuleTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_module_test.rb:66]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x0000000156b570#my_class_method (private)], :removed=>[]}

  2. Failure:
    test_should_stub_protected_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnModuleTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_module_test.rb:46]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x000000014fc4e0#my_class_method (protected)], :removed=>[]}

  3. Failure:
    test_should_stub_public_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnModuleTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_module_test.rb:26]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x00000000a89be8#my_class_method (public)], :removed=>[]}

  4. Failure:
    test_should_stub_private_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnSuperclassTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_superclass_test.rb:66]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x0000000153bd98#my_class_method (private)], :removed=>[]}

  5. Failure:
    test_should_stub_protected_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnSuperclassTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_superclass_test.rb:46]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x000000009ceb68#my_class_method (protected)], :removed=>[]}

  6. Failure:
    test_should_stub_public_method_and_leave_it_unchanged_after_test(StubClassMethodDefinedOnSuperclassTest) [/home/bkabrda/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/rubygem-mocha-0.10.0-1.fc16.x86_64/usr/share/gems/gems/mocha-0.10.0/test/acceptance/stub_class_method_defined_on_superclass_test.rb:26]:
    Snapshot has changed: {:added=>[#Class:#Class:0x000000014fac08#my_class_method (public)], :removed=>[]}

mocha release 0.10.0
ruby 1.9.3p0 (2011-10-30 revision 33570) [x86_64-linux]

Thank you :)


I'm aware of this problem - I just haven't had time to fix it. I'm pretty sure mocha itself should work properly in Ruby 1.9.3 - I think the problem is the extra tests I added in mocha which use introspection are failing because introspection itself doesn't work in Ruby 1.9.3.

@floehopper floehopper added a commit that referenced this issue Feb 11, 2012
@floehopper floehopper Avoid a bunch of warnings in Ruby 1.9.
    warning: assigned but unused variable - foo

There are still the 6 test failures mentioned in #41 which I suspect are
due to the introspection gem not being Ruby 1.9-compatible.

Further investigation revealed that these test failures were legitimate and not due to problems with the introspection gem. I believe they may well be related to #47 and #74.


I believe this issue should be resolved in the latest revision (4d3e2bb) of Mocha. Please close the issue if you are happy with the resolution.

voxik commented Apr 18, 2012
Finished tests in 0.390990s, 1731.5030 tests/s, 2222.5644 assertions/s.
677 tests, 869 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 0 skips

Thank you. Is the release imminent?


Thanks. Yes. I hope to release within the next day or two.


Hi Vít. Just to let you know I released v0.11.0 a couple of days ago, but a Ruby 1.8.7 regression crept in, so I have yanked it and released v0.11.1 this morning. I hope that helps. Cheers, James.

voxik commented Apr 21, 2012

Thank you. 0.11.0 works just fine for me with R193. I'll test 0.11.1 later.

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