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We all share responsibility for handling all parts of the business at GFR, but sometimes external people will try to engage in conversations with individuals, making it hard for other members of GFR to help.

With Highrise, we could give visibility to these conversations by BCCing and forwarding emails to the service, but that puts the onus on us to remember and use it correctly.

We believe it would be better for any member of GFR to view all email traffic associated with the company, so that they can assist in any conversation at any point they might need to (e.g. if someone else is ill, or away, or otherwise busy). This should happen without us needing to change the way we use email at the moment, or to explicitly forward or BCC to another service.

It should also be possible for us to efficiently find past conversations where we might need to remind ourselves what was discussed.

Finally, giving each email a URL will make it easier to discuss specific conversations in other mediums, such as Campfire, or indeed other emails.


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