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Welcome to the official Dark Caverns wiki!

Dark Caverns is a minecraft mod that aims to expand on mining, adventure and the exploration part of minecraft by adding a brand new dimension, the dark caverns, located deep below the bedrock barrier. The mod is a cavern / cave style dimension with a huge cavern part at the top and then tons of caves below. The dark caverns currently includes 3 unique biomes and mobs plus tons of blocks, gear and items, but even more is coming in the future!

If you're new to this mod, I'd recommend checking out getting to the dark caverns. Also read the tips below, they'll definitely come in handy.

Note: You do of course not have to read through the entire wiki as a lot of stuff is either self explanatory or explained through the advancements. It might also be fun to figure some stuff out on your own!


  1. This dark caverns is a hostile environment, so come prepared. (Also bring a water bucket)
  2. When you enter the dark caverns, don't dig straight down as you might fall straight into one of the caverns. Instead, dig a staircase and use your water bucket to make a safe elevator.
  3. If you want to find a lot of the overworld ores, try mining inside of the rocky caverns or in the caves that can be found below each biome.
  4. Keep track of your spawn! It's easy to get lost if you don't note down the coordinates or build a landmark.