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The UI uses only public API's so shouldn't break with iOS5.

The potential breakpoints are.

Methods used

CGImageRef UIGetScreenImage(void);
[[SBIconModel +sharedInstance] -applicationIconForDisplayIdentifier:ID];
[SBIcon -getIconImage:3];
[SBIconBadge +iconBadgeWithBadgeString:STRING];
[SBApplication -defaultImage:NULL];
[SBApplication -kill];
GSSystemHasCapability(kGSMultitaskingCapability)     /// GraphicsServices.framework
[[SBAwayController +sharedAwayController] -isLocked];

Methods hooked

[SBAppSwitcherController -applicationLaunched:APP]
[SBAppSwitcherController -applicationDied:APP]
[SBApplication -launch];
[SBApplication -exitedCommon];
[SBIcon -_PSBadgeText];    //Created new method to get the label's string (4.0-4.1 is different to 3.x and 4.2+)
[SBAwayController -lock];

And of cause the SBDisplayStack order

#define SBWPreActivateDisplayStack        [displayStacks objectAtIndex:0]
#define SBWActiveDisplayStack             [displayStacks objectAtIndex:1]
#define SBWSuspendingDisplayStack         [displayStacks objectAtIndex:2]
#define SBWSuspendedEventOnlyDisplayStack [displayStacks objectAtIndex:3]

#define SBActive          ([SBWActiveDisplayStack topApplication] == nil)
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