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Discussion around Freestyle happens in the Gitter channel as well as on GitHub issues and pull requests.

Feel free to open an issue if you notice a bug, have an idea for a feature, or have a question about the code. Pull requests are also welcome.

People are expected to follow the Typelevel Code of Conduct when discussing Freestyle on the Github page, Gitter channel, or other venues.

If you are being harassed, please contact one of us immediately so that we can support you. In case you cannot get in touch with us please write an email to 47 Degrees.

How can I help?

Freestyle follows a standard fork and pull model for contributions via GitHub pull requests.

The process is simple:

  1. Find something you want to work on
  2. Let us know you are working on it via the Gitter channel or GitHub issues/pull requests
  3. Implement your contribution
  4. Write tests
  5. Update the documentation
  6. Submit pull request

You will be automatically included in the file as contributor in the next release. If you encounter any confusion or frustration during the contribution process, please create a GitHub issue and we'll do our best to improve the process.

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