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⚠️ Note: this project is deprecated and has been integrated into the frees-rpc codebase.

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This repo shows a simple example using freestyle-rpc, based on the Route Guide Demo (using Scala annotations for service definitions), from this example in grpc-java.

Running the Example

Run server (interpreted to cats.effect.IO in this case):

sbt runServer

Run client interpreting to cats.effect.IO:

sbt runClientIO

Run client interpreting to monix.eval.Task:

sbt runClientTask

Generating the IDL files

sbt demo-routeguide/idlGen

The previous command will overwrite this proto file.

(It will also generate this Avro file which will contain the messages but no RPC services since ours are annotated with Protobuf.)


Freestyle is designed and developed by 47 Degrees

Copyright (C) 2017 47 Degrees.