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Are there any limitations on the number of agents or tickets?

No. There are no any limitations.

Is there any migration tool which can be used to migrate to FreeScout from another help desk?

No for now. Migration will be possible after FreeScout API will be implemented (#148).

When I assign a task to someone do they get an email notifying them that they have a task assigned to them?

Yes, you need to configure Notifications for the user:

I've fetched emails from my mailbox, but older emails were not fetched. How can I fetch the entire inbox messages?

Go to Manage --> System --> Tools and fetch all undread emails.

Is it possible to forward customer's email to FreeScout and make it look like it came from the customer?

You can forward email to FreeScout and use "New Conversation" button in the message's dropdown menu:

What do we need to make a complete backup?

You need to backup Database and /storage/app/public folder.

Does FreeScout make any external or third party API calls?

When you activate some official module, application domain name is sent to API to register module license.

Where can we see FreeScout's roadmap?

Who is behind the project? Is there a list of developers working on the FreeScout?

Some developers are contributing openly, some do not want to be disclosed.

Is there any way to put on my website a contact form submitting tickets to the FreeScout?

You can use any contact form available for your CMS. All the form need to to is to send email to your FreeScout mailbox.

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