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FreeScout Modules

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Modules allow to extend FreeScout functionality. All modules are open source (AGPL-3.0 license). Modules source code is downloaded to your server upon installation.

Official modules are developed and maintained by FreeScout team. Third party modules can be developed by anyone.

  1. Modules Directory
  2. Installing Official Modules
  3. Installing Custom Modules
  4. Troubleshooting
  5. FAQ

1. Modules Directory

Official FreeScout Modules

2. Installing Official Modules

To install a module:

  1. Open your FreeScout and go to Maganage > Modules

  2. Choose a module and enter Lincense Key.


  1. Click "Install Module" button.


  1. Click "Activate" button.


3. Installing Custom Modules

If you want to install a custom module:

  1. Unpack module into /Modules folder.

  2. Go to Maganage > Modules and activate module.

4. Troubleshooting

If application or module is not working after installing some module:

  1. Check application logs in System » Logs.
  2. Clear app cache.
  3. If application is not functioning at all, remove module from /Modules folder and clear app cache.

5. FAQ

1. What payment methods are supported for official modules?

Bank Cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Wire Transfer.


2. Do you offer bulk discounts?

No, as modules are already super cheap.

3. Can you send me a tax invoice?

You receive an invoice to the email address you provide during the payment.

4. How can I translate modules?

  1. Log in as admin and go to Manage » Translate.
  2. Click Import translations.
  3. Choose a group in the dropdown to display translations.
  4. Translate texts.
  5. Click Publish translations to apply translations in your app.
  6. Click Send Translations to send translations to FreeScout team. If sending does not work, download translations using Download as ZIP button and send to
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