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FreeSK8 Foundation

This organization's mission is to develop and distribute OS software, hardware, and documentation materials to progress personal electric mobility technologies


  1. Hardware repository for FreeSK8 Robogotchi

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  2. Puck, Puck, Bruce! is a new, remixed-mashed-up, Mod Shell Kit design for the Hoyt St. Electric Puck Remote Control.

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  3. An open source, rider-centric cross platform mobile application for VESC compatible ESCs and FreeSK8 devices

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  4. FreeSK8 Robogotchi Firmware

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  5. 3D Model of Internal Electronics, Battery, Thumbwheel, Frame, & Buttons Assembly for Hoyt St Electric Skate Puck Remote Control


  6. codex Public

    FreeSK8 Codex - A technical documentation resource for the FreeSK8 Project & supported hardware & software.

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