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  • This project creates a simple program to grab all the data for a user at

    F# Updated Oct 25, 2016
  • This is the website used for the DevSpace Technical Conference in Huntsville, Alabama.

    C# 1 Updated Sep 15, 2015
  • This repository contains the final projects for my Introduction to Game Design talk. It includes a WPF Minesweeper clone and a MonoGame space shooter. Neither game is meant to be fully polished and finished. They are meant to be lightweight and easy to understand.

    C# 1 Updated Dec 16, 2014
  • This is a project I used to help me get an app to query Twitter. I answered a StackOverflow question with this code ( ). This was used the #TheKrewe Windows Phone app to get the Tweets for the krewe hashtag. Hope it helps someone out t…

    C# Updated Sep 10, 2014
  • This is the code for my talk 'Get Kinect-ed'. It is a introduction the the Microsoft Kinect.

    C# 2 1 Updated Sep 3, 2014
  • Beginning Xbox 360 Development with the XNA Framework

    C# Updated Jan 14, 2013
  • Xbox 360 Indie Game Design Using XNA

    C# Updated Jan 14, 2013
  • A Shared set of game components used by all my XNA talks

    C# Updated Jan 14, 2013