Too Long; Didn't read. TLDR man page in Swift. This is the open source code for the app available in app store at
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TL;DR (iOS Version)

TL;DR is a open source project which maintains a list of man pages. This project is the iOS Client of that.


Download on App store

This app is available in the app store.


Feel free to discuss issue or send PR if appropriate. Follow me at twitter @iOSCook


  • Add Travis CY
  • Only make build at pull request at Master
  • Write script to test
  • Write Unit test
  • Write UI test
  • If all tests + build pass, generate a Testflight beta and upload
  • When upload is done, send an email
  • Post a message on slack
  • Auto submit a new version to app store if certain 'keyword' is present at pull request comment.