Whalesonar - web application based on SteemIt blockchain.
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Whale Sonar

Web application for observation of curation activity based on SteemIt blockchain.

SteemIt is the ocean, ocean of blockchain. Each of us steemians is a particle of this ocean and each particle contributes and makes SteemIt ocean prosperous. Everyone knows Steem's ocean life hierarchy. The main pool of rewards for your posts are given by dolphins, killer whales and whales.

Whale Sonar will be useful for:

  • At first for authors. The authors with numerous subscribers as rule is not worried about the zero rewards, but for new authors it is very important to post at the time of most curators activity.

  • New users. They have not fully imagine how does Steem works. Whale Sonar will help to understand some basic processes are taking place in Steem depths.

  • Of course curators. When authors knows your best activity time, so more content will appear at convenient time for you.

  • And finally, Whale Sonar can be used instead of a marine aquarium.