Simple tagging library in PHP/MySQL
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Freetag is a simple tagging library for PHP/MySQL applications.

Getting started

  • Copy files into a subdirectory on your server
  • Load the mysql schema from freetag.sql

Then load the library like this:


$freetag_options = array (
  'db_user' => null,
  'db_pass' => null,
  'db_host' => null,
  'db_name' => null,
  'table_prefix' => null

$freetag = new freetag($freetag_options);


  • See FreetagImplementationGuide.pdf for explanations and sample code
  • Full documentation can be found in the doc directory

Tested on

  • RHEL ES3, PHP 4, MySQL 3.23
  • Debian GNU/Linux, PHP4, MySQL 4.1.12