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PACE17/A [1] submission -- tdlib/experimental and gala snapshot


"make" should build everything needed to run ./tw-exact and ./tw-heuristic.

these programs read a ".gr" file from stdin, and print a ".td" file to stdout.
./tw-exact terminates after finish, ./tw-heuristic will wait for a TERM
signal. -L -D -T flags switches on logging/debugging/tracing.


is basically Hisao Tamakis implementation that won last year. It has been ported
to C++11 and boost/gala/tdlib. It is now ran after the tdlib preprocessor. The
development has been discontinued in favor of tw-heuristic.


Performs rule based Preprocessing followed by an exaustive but guided brute
force search over elimination orderings. Lower bounds computed by
deltaC_leastC are used to cut off branches. minimalChordal is used to refine


$ make
$ ./tw-exact < tdlib/grtd/
$ ./tw-heuristic < tdlib/grtd/ & p=$!; sleep 1; kill $p


signal handling
- too early TERM might not be handled right.
- reaction to TERM may be late.

the embedded tdlib package is incomplete and experimental. the proposed
algorithms, subroutines and executables will be made fully available in a
future version of tdlib.