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The app is currently broken in XE16 and greater, but a fix is in the works.

This is a simple pomodoro app based on the sample Timer app.

When the app starts, the pomodoro immediately begins in a live card. When tapping the live card, a menu displays allowing a few actions:

  • Pause: pause the pomodoro. Shouldn't really be used, from what I understand about pomodoros
  • Resume: resume a paused pomodoro
  • Mulligan: resets to the beginning of the last pomodoro (from both within the work time and within the rest time)
  • Stop: remove the pomodoro live card from the timeline

A 25 minute work block followed by a 5 minute rest block counts as a single pomodoro, and when the next pomodoro starts, the pomos completed count is incremented.

The voice trigger is:

"ok glass, start a pomodoro"


The GDK (Glass Development Kit, the software library used to build this application) isn't finished yet. As a result, the process for loading apps like this isn't quite as refined as I'd hope. Pomodoro.apk is the one you need if you're only interested in side-loading the app onto your Glass.

To download it, simply click on the file in the list above and on the next page, click View Raw to download it.

Once you have the APK, you'll need to do the actual side-loading part. There are a lot of guides out there, but here's a video walkthrough I found with a quick search:

Sideload and uninstall apps - YouTube

(Make sure you've got ADB installed. An embedded link is provided in the video above for instructions)


There are a few bits that I'd like to add at some point:

  • Replace "Pomos Completed: #" with a tomato image for each pomo completed, maybe followed by a dashed outline of a tomato
  • Customize the menu icons
  • Change the sounds that play when the timer hits 0
  • Allow the user to change the length of work and break times
  • Schedule longer breaks into a sequence of pomos


Java is not really my thing, so any feedback is greatly appreciated. This can be in the form of github issues, pull requests, tweets @freethejazz, emails to my twitter handle @ that big G email provider, complaints written on $20 dollar bills mailed to me in Chicago, etc.