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This builder adds the next() function to the step parameter. It should normally be first in the list of builders.

This builder adds the spawn() function to step object allowing parallel operations.

This builder adds error handling to the step object. If a function is passed in as errorHandler to the options parameter that function will be called in the event of an error.

This builder adds the property allowing you to pass data between steps. Additionally, if data is passed into the options its contents will be available to the first step.


Define a new instance of this class to create a new runner that can have custom builders. When calling the constructor pass in a list of builders to use.

A array containing the list of the registered buildersfor this runner in the order they will be used., options={}, callback=(step)->)

Run the supplied steps. The builders currently in the buildersarray will be used to construct the steps object.


The default CtrlRunner. To modify what happens when you call ctrl(steps, options={}, callback=(step)->)modify

ctrl(steps, options={}, callback=(step)->)

Same as calling