Three-channel addressable N-MOSFET module
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Freetronics FreeNFET Addressable 3x N-MOSFET Module

Copyright 2016 Freetronics Pty Ltd
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These are FETs with a brain! Includes 3 x NTD5867NL N-channel MOSFETs and a WS2811 addressable LED driver. That means you can connect the module and address it just as if it was a NeoPixel or other WS28xx RGB LED, except that instead of controlling an LED, you're controlling 3 high-power MOSFETs.

This smart module can be daisy-chained, so you can connect a number of these together in a string and drive each of them individually from your microcontroller.

Compatible with various Arduino libraries for the WS2811, including the FastLED library and the NeoPixel library. Simply control the "red", "green", and "blue" channels to control the FETs.


  • Switch up to 60V / 18A DC per FET.
  • Requires just 1 data connection.
  • PWM control of the FETs.
  • Input and output headers on opposite sides of the board for easy daisy-chaining.

More information is available at:


The design is saved as an EAGLE project. EAGLE PCB design software is available from free for non-commercial use. To use this project download it and place the directory containing these files into the "eagle" directory on your computer.


The specific terms of distribution of this project are governed by the license referenced below.


Licensed under the TAPR Open Hardware License ( The "license" folder within this repository also contains a copy of this license in plain text format.