Arduino library for Freetronics RGBLED module - WS2801 based RGB LED
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This is an Arduino library for the Freetronics RGBLED module, based on the WS2801 LED controller chip.


Supported on Arduino 1.0.5 or newer, or Arduino 1.5.4 or newer.


The library ships with 3 examples which you can find under File -> Examples -> FTRGBLED. Adapting an example is the easiest way to get started.

Include library

At the very top of your sketch, include the library:

#include <FTRGBLED.h>

Declare RGBLEDChain

Near the top of the sketch but after the include line, declare a RGBLEDChain like this:


NUM_LEDS is the number of LEDs in the chain.

PIN_CKI and PIN_SDI are the pin numbers for the CKI and SDI pins on the module.

Setup section - call begin

In the setup method, call begin() on the RGBLEDChain like this:

void setup() {

Set colours

To set individual colours, call setLED():

leds.setLED(0, LED_YELLOW);

The first parameter is the LED number (starting from zero.)

The second parameter is the LED colour.The library predefines some constants for colours - LED_WHITE, LED_BLACK, LED_RED, LED_GREEN, LED_YELLOW, LED_VIOLET.

You can also specify a colour as { Red, Green, Blue } values. Either like this:

leds.setLED(0, { 200, 100, 0 });

Or like this:

const FTLEDColour MY_COLOUR = { 200, 100, 0 };
leds.setLED(0, MY_COLOUR);

To set all the LEDs to the same colour, use the setLEDs() method:


Calling setLED and setLEDs doesn't change the colours of the LEDs though. To actually change the colours you have to call update():


This means you can set multiple LEDs to different colours, and then call update() once to save time.

Copyright & License

Copyright (C) 2013 Freetronics Pty Ltd. Released under the GNU Lesser General Public License V3 as described in the LICENSE file.