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The Freevo and Kaa Projects

The Freevo and Kaa Projects

Python 2 2


Freevo 2 (unstable, in development)

Updated April 06, 2014

Python 2 0


A high level API on top of clutter, including widgets based on simple clutter actors. Serves as the basis for the Freevo 2 GUI.

Updated April 06, 2014

Python 5 2


A powerful Python library for parsing media metadata, which can extract metadata (such as id3 tags, for example) from a wide range of media files.

Updated June 24, 2013

Python 8 4


Kaa.base is an LGPL-licensed generic Python application framework with an emphasis on asynchronous programming.

Updated May 22, 2013

Python 2 0


API to access online metadata providers like TheTVDB and TheMovieDB

Updated March 16, 2013

Python 3 8


Freevo 1.x (stable)

Updated February 04, 2013

Python 2 0


Beacon searches and indexes media files, providing an API for flexible and tagging and fast querying.

Updated February 03, 2013


A Python module wrapping comon X11 functions, optionally integrating with kaa-imlib2.

Updated November 25, 2012

Python 3 1


An Electronic Program Guide (EPG) library for Python, which pulls from various providers and provides a consistent API to access TV guide data.

Updated May 23, 2012

Python 2 1


The TV server is used to control a TV card from Freevo and similar applications.

Updated March 18, 2012

Python 2 0


A generic Python API for media file playback supporting multiple media player backends with a unified API.

Updated February 18, 2012

Python 2 0


kaa-imlib2 provides thread-safe Python bindings for Imlib2, a featureful and efficient image processing library, which produces high quality, anti-aliased output.

Updated January 15, 2012

Documentation site

Updated January 14, 2012

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