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Release Notes, see ChangeLog for a detailed list of changes.
0.6.0, 2009-05-25
* Final round of incompatible API changes before a 1.0 release. See
API_CHANGES for details.
* New class IOChannel, which provides advanced, asynchronous I/O to anything
that can be represented as a file descriptor (pipes, sockets, files, etc.)
* kaa.Process rewrite
* Began documentation (under doc/); core functionality is almost fully
* documented.
* Asynchronous tasks may now be aborted via InProgress.abort(); this
(especially) includes coroutines and threads.
* New base class kaa.Object from with most kaa classes (those which
provide signals) derive.
* Other core improvements and bug fixes.
0.4.0, 2008-03-24
* Again some API changes for kaa.notifier. Please read
API_CHANGES for details. The API should be stable now.
* synchronized decorator
* Support to run a glib mainloop in an extra thread
* TLS socket support using tlslite
* Multicast DNS service discovery support using Avahi Dbus bindings
* Major improvements in the InProgress class and coroutine
* kaa.Socket rewrite
* Bugfixes
0.3.0, 2008-02-04
* API changes for kaa.notifier. Please read API_CHANGES for
details. All classes from kaa.notifier are now in the kaa
namespace and yield_execution has changed.
* Add new native twisted notifier
* Small kaa.rpc improvements
* Bugfixes
0.2.0, 2007-12-22
* kaa.config cosmetic updates for the config file
* Remove Python distutils requirement for runtime
* pyNotifier updates
* kaa.db enhancements using new schema
* AtTimer for kaa.notifier
* Twisted mainloop support
* Support to run kaa.notifier in a different mainloop
* Bugfixes
0.1.3, 2007-04-18
* support for Python 2.5
* remove libxml2 dependency and kaa.xml wrapper
* add xmlutils
* add svn2log ChangeLog generator
* Bugfixes
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