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Fix reference to decorators in docstring

Prefixing rEST references with @ breaks resolution, so remove the @
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commit e113782fd9189ab4e8fff42711bb538d828ff938 1 parent 309c321
@jtackaberry jtackaberry authored
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2  src/
@@ -110,7 +110,7 @@ def generator(generic=False):
This decorator is used to construct asynchronous generators, to be used
in combination with functions that return InProgress objects (such as
- those functions decorated with @:func:`kaa.coroutine` or @:func:`kaa.threaded`).
+ those functions decorated with :func:`kaa.coroutine` or :func:`kaa.threaded`).
:param generic: if True, a :class:`~kaa.Generator` object is passed as the
first argument to the decorated function. This can be used
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