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kaa-candy - Fourth generation Canvas System using Clutter as backend
This module provides a high level API for clutter including new
widgets based on simple clutter actors. It also includes a XML based
scripting language. It will be used as GUI module for Freevo 2.0. If
widget do not depend on data structures of Freevo they should be
included in kaa.candy.
For questions please contact the freevo devel mailing list or ask on
#freevo at
Please run 'python doc' in the kaa.candy directory. This will
build the API doc with additional information in doc/html. Besides the
requirements below this needs epydoc to be installed.
See the test directory for examples.
Latest versions of clutter-1.0 and pyclutter. Get the files from
pygtk-2 including pygtk-codegen. When you are able to install
pyclutter you have pygtk-codegen installed.
The test case also requires feedparser
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