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This documents all notable changes to the Visual Pinball Engine and its dependent projects.


Built with Unity 2022.3.0


  • Flipper tricks by nFozzy (#436)
  • Asset Library now has thumbnails.
  • Documentation for score reels.
  • Score Motor Component (#435, Documentation).
  • Scale support for rubbers.
  • Slingarm coil arms can now be any game objects, not just primitives (#432).
  • Gate Lifter Component (#418, Documentation).
  • Asset Browser (#412)
  • Trigger meshes can now be easily scaled (#374)
  • We got a new game item called Metal Wire Guide (thanks @Cupiii, #366)
  • A Collision Switch component (#344, Documentation).
  • A Rotator component (#337, Documentation).
  • A Teleporter component (#336, Documentation).
  • A Drop Target Bank component (#333, Documentation).
  • Editor: Enable manual trigger for coils, switches, lamps and wires during gameplay (#332)
  • Support for dynamic wires, also known as Fast Flip (#330, Documentation).
  • Component for light groups, allowing easy grouping of GI lamps. (#330 Documentation).
  • Slingshot component (#329, Documentation).
  • Create insert meshes (#320).
  • Full support for custom playfield meshes.
  • Remove Hybrid Renderer (#316).
  • Create and use Unity assets when importing (#320).
  • Native support for nFozzy flipper physics (#305).
  • Automated camera clipping (#304).
  • DMD and segment display support (Documentation).
  • Plugin: Mission Pinball Framework (Documentation).
  • Gamelogic Engine: Support for hardware rules (#293).
  • Support for Extended ASCII strings (#291).
  • Support for Elasticity Falloff in walls (added in VP 10.7) (#291).
  • Support for table notes (added in VP 10.7) (#291).
  • Slow motion during gameplay (#288).
  • Lamp Manager (#282).
  • The VPE core is now also available on NuGet.
  • VPE is now packaged and published on every merge!
  • Native trough component (#229, #248, #256, Documentation).


  • Removed DOTS in favor of Jobs with Burst (#459)
  • All geometry is now in world space.
  • Removed internal ID in gamelogic engine API (#408)
  • When importing, meshes are now saved as easily editable .fbx files instead of Unity's internal format (#387).
  • Revised rubber mesh generation (#384).
  • APIs for RGB lamps and Visual Scripting (#382).
  • Playfield is now rotated to the correct angle during gameplay (#370).
  • Decouple light components from transformation override (#350).
  • Refactored drag points. They are nicely separated and typed now.
  • Collider debug view is now much faster and intuitive. It's also activated per default when there is no visible mesh.
  • Drop and hit targets are now different components.
  • Kicker is now a coil device with different coils for different angles/forces.
  • Ground truth of data is now the scene, not the imported data anymore (#302).
  • Plunger is now a coil device, meaning it can both be pulled back and fired through different inputs.
  • Move render pipelines into separate repos (#259).
  • Put game-, mesh-, collision- animation data into separate components (#227, Documentation).


  • Disappearing objects due to wrong bounding box (#441).
  • Default table import (#434)
  • Remaining ball spinning issue should now be solved (#397).
  • Physics error when the ball would stop rotate (#393).
  • Finally, ball rotation is rendered correctly (#386).
  • Ball stuttering when rolling over dropped target (#375).
  • Plunger disappearing due to too small bounding box.
  • Fixed switch status when multiple mappings point to the same ID (#347).
  • Lighting setup. It's now usable (#330).
  • Ball passing through collider plane and disappearing.
  • Alpha channel of color values is now correctly written (#291).
  • Layer names are correctly computed when importing a 10.6 file (#291).
  • Clear texture and material references that don't exist before writing (VP 10.7 behavior) (#291).
  • Bug in writing animation vertices which caused VP to hang when re-reading the file (#291).
  • A few bugs in drag point gizmos (#246).