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@freezy freezy released this Oct 10, 2018 · 165 commits to master since this release


  • PIN2DMD users should now get faster load times for colored games with many palettes (#132)
  • Memory grabbers now don't need to be run in admin mode anymore (thanks @mjrgh)


  • Update Pinball FX3 memory grabber to work with latest release (thanks NoEx)
  • Refactor memory grabbers to use a common base (thanks @mjrgh)
  • Fix crash when colorization is on but no game is set (#125)
  • Some crash fixes when using with PinballY (thanks @mjrgh)

Developers, please update Visual Studio 2017 since there were a few compiler issues fixed that break older versions.

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@freezy freezy released this Jul 3, 2018 · 183 commits to master since this release


  • New Pinball FX3 grabber - reads DMD from memory, much faster and more stable (thanks NoEx!)
  • Timing improvements when reading colored animations (thanks @djrobx)
  • Properly upscale 128x16 games when using VNI (thanks @djrobx)
  • Location of dmddevice.ini can now be set via environment variable
  • Print warning when dmddevice.ini not found


  • Don't crash when PinUP enabled but no DLL found
  • Don't crash when outputting to video file with weird resolution
  • Don't crash when serial port disconnects

Breaking Changes

  • Must execute dmdext as Administrator for Pinball FX3 in order to gain access to FX3's memory. You can fall back to the previous grabber by using the --fx3-legacy flag.
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@freezy freezy released this Jun 21, 2018 · 201 commits to master since this release


  • Added VNI coloring support with help from @luck01 and @djrobx (#102)
  • Added coloring support for other resolutions (192x64)
  • Added support for XDMD and thus UltraDMD
  • Added support for TPA's cabinet build
  • PinUP support is now built-in. However note that you'll still need dmddevicePUP.dll installed. Also, the syntax changed, instead of -o PINUP, use the new --pinup option (#104).


  • Be sure to display the DMD on top of DirectB2S (#72)
  • Don't mistakenly use PinDMD2 when there isn't on.
  • Fixed some bugs in the PIN2DMD driver (thanks @lucky01)

Breaking Changes

  • Due to the new animations, we log (a lot) more, which impacts performance. In order to keep dmdext smooth, change the log level to Info. If you haven't touched your log config before, just copy the new DmdDevice.log.config over the old one. Otherwise, change
     <logger name="*" minlevel="Trace" writeTo="file" />
     <logger name="*" minlevel="Info" writeTo="file" />
  • If you were previously using PinUP, settings have changed. It doesn't use the file output parameter anymore, but has its own setting.
    • If you're using PinUP in VPM with dmddevice.dll, change:
      ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file
      enabled = true
      ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used.
      path = PINUP
      ; if enabled, writes frames to an .avi file
      enabled = false
      ; path to folder or .avi file. if folder, gamename.avi is used.
      path =
      enabled = true
    • For other games like Pinball FX3, change the command line parameter from:
      -o PINUP\<gamename>
      --pinup PINUP\<gamename>
    • If you have LibDmd.dll in your VPM path, remove it.
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@freezy freezy released this Sep 29, 2017 · 231 commits to master since this release

Breaking Changes

  • Use VPM positioning settings per default when available (#38)
  • Dot size of virtual DMD is now larger per default (#59)


  • Added --quit-after option (#34)
  • The play command now supports animated GIFs
  • Added --idle-after and --idle-play, useful for TPA (#36)
  • Added support for Pinball FX3 (#69)


  • Fixed crash in Pinball FX2 grabber
  • Fixed PinDMD2 for Pinball FX2 and probably others (#47)
  • When stayontop is enabled, explicitly check for B2S and put it on top of it (#40)
  • Various crashes
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@freezy freezy released this Mar 14, 2017 · 278 commits to master since this release

Bugfix release. Cleaned up crash log, there are no more known crashes.

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@freezy freezy released this Mar 12, 2017 · 288 commits to master since this release

  • Various crash and bug fixes.
  • Fixed luminosity in some Pinball FX2 games
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@freezy freezy released this Jan 25, 2017 · 301 commits to master since this release

Lots of stuff changed in this release. The whole render graph implementation was basically rewritten, it's now intelligent and finds the most efficient way of sending data from the source to the destinations.

New features

  • VPM frames can be flipped
  • VPM settings can now be customized per game
  • Added more options to screen grabber
  • Added streaming to local browser
  • Added streaming to VPDB test page


  • Virtual DMD now resizes when source resolution changes.
  • Colored frames are now sent as subframes instead of RGB24 which improves performance drastically for PIN2DMD and PinDMD3.
  • Lots of changes and updates of Lucky1's coloring features.


  • Don't block VPM, resulting in sound stuttering (#24)
  • Fix --position parameter when grabbing (#23)

Breaking Changes

  • Removed --render-as parameter, since this is now done automatically.
  • Semantic of vertical and horizontal flip is now inversed. Before it referred to the axis, now it refers to how the image is flipped. Vertical means up/down, horizontal left/right.
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@freezy freezy released this Dec 23, 2016 · 382 commits to master since this release

  • Added output to .avi file (DmdDevice.dll)
  • Added renderer for alpha-numeric games (DmdDevice.dll)
  • Input sources can now change resolution and output devices either adapt (virtual DMD) or rescale the frames

Note that DmdDevice.dll for this release has the coloring feature disabled. Look for future builds. As usual, dmdext.exe is 64 bit because of ProPinball, while DmdDevice.dll is 32 bit for VPinMAME.

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@freezy freezy released this Dec 18, 2016 · 411 commits to master since this release

New Features

  • --virtual-position takes a fourth height parameter. Using it makes the aspect ratio variable.
  • Added very experimental support for Visual PinMAME. In order to use, grab the latest SAM build and add DmdDevice.dll to VPinMAME's root directory. When enabling external DMD, dmdext's virtual DMD should pop up. Physical DMD support will follow soon.

Breaking Changes

  • Removed --use-gray4 in favor of --render-as, which accepts all supported bit depths.

Note that dmdext.exe is compiled as 64 bit while DmdDevice.dll is 32 bit. The only cases where that matters is that your Pro Pinball executable must be 64 bit and VPinMAME 32 bit.

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@freezy freezy released this Dec 4, 2016 · 457 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed grabber for The Pinball Arcade. Note: Must run dmdext first. If you run it before TPA, no frames are received. Also, the game must be started in order to receive frames, attract mode sends blanks. Thanks again to NoEx for the fix!
  • PinDMDv3 is now natively implemented and doesn't need pinDMD.dll anymore.
  • Added new option for PinDMDv3: --port won't loop through the COM devices but use the name specified.
  • Added new option for RGB displays: --color sets the color tone in which the frames are rendered. See README for more info.
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