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MIT License Apache 2.0 Licensed

Test generator UTest

This crates implements a 3-phase utest-harness for Rust. The 3 phases are:

  • Setup: the setup function must initialize the context; in case the function panics/aborts, the utest is aborted fn() -> Context
  • Test: if the setup did return with valud context item, this context is used to invoke the test. fn( & Context )
  • Teardown: no matter if the test-function above did panic/abort, the teardown function is invoked to release the context fn( Context )

No matter of any panic or failing assertion in the second phase (feature testing), the teardown function is invoked. The test will either succeed, or otherwise unwinding a failure in the setup-phase, the test-phase or the teardown-phase.

This crate has been inspired by the post of Eric Opines.


Please see the test file ' at the executable example.

extern crate test_generator_utest;

// demonstrating usage of utest-harness
mod testsuite {
    use std::fs::File;
    use std::io::prelude::*;

    use test_generator_utest::utest;

    // Defining Utest formed by setup, test and teardown
        || setup("/tmp/hello_world.txt"),
        |ctx_ref| test_write_hello_world(ctx_ref),

    // Defining Utest formed by setup, test and teardown
        || setup("/tmp/hello_europe.txt"),

    // Defining a context structure, storing the resources
    struct Context<'t> { file: File, name: &'t str }

    // Setup - Initializing the resources
    fn setup<'t>(filename: &str) -> Context {
        // unwrap may panic
        Context { file: File::create(filename).unwrap(), name: filename }

    // Teardown - Releasing the resources
    fn teardown(context: Context) {
        let Context { file, name } = context;
        // explicit dropping of file resource (would be done implcitly otherwise)
        // unwrap may panic

    // Test - verify feature
    fn test_write_hello_world(ctx: &Context) {
        // may panic
        let mut file = ctx.file.try_clone().unwrap();
        // may panic
        file.write_all(b"Hello, world!\n").unwrap();
        // although this assertion will cause a panic, the teardown function will be invoked 
        assert_eq!(1, 0);

    // Test - verify feature
    fn test_write_hello_europe(ctx: &Context) {
        // may panic
        let mut file = ctx.file.try_clone().unwrap();
        // may panic
        file.write_all(b"Hello, Europe!\n").unwrap();

Executing the example code cargo test -p test-generator-example testsuite the testsuote above will print the following output.

running 2 tests
test testsuite::hello_europe ... ok
test testsuite::hello_world ... ok

test result: ok. 2 passed; 0 failed; 0 ignored; 0 measured; 3 filtered out
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