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Offene Bibel Parser


To build the project:

The results reside in the install/ folder. To run the converter install/bin/ --help.

The converter will download the translation from the Offene Bibel and create two .osis files in the install/results/ folder. The exporter caches all files it downloads to install/tmp/pageCache/. They won't be redownloaded. To redownload a file, just delete it in the cache.

There is also a convenience script that creates two sword modules, copies them to ~/.sword and creates a .zip archive: install/bin/

And then there is the validator that checks a given Wiki page for validity. You can run it as follows: install/bin/ --help.

Web viewer file generation

The parser can generate files suitable as input for the Offene Bibel Web Viewer. It generates a file structure as follows:


Multiple runs will overwrite both, chapter files and the status file. The generated.index file will have a comment at the start indicating the date and parameters used for generation.