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buildbot configuration for freifunk berlin
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Buildbot for Freifunk Firmware

The Freifunk Firmware (Berlin) is automatically built by the buildbot.

This repo contains the buildbot config for the master and slaves.

Contribute a buildbot slave

You can add your server easily as a buildbot slave in order to help us build the firmwares. Please write a mail to the mailing list and ask for a password (please include a name for the host).

Installation via docker

The easiest way to configure your buildbot slave is to use docker. Once you've installed docker on your system you can run the buildbot slave docker image.

Manual installation on Debian/Ubuntu

On a Debian/Ubuntu machine, the following steps have to be carried out:

  1. Install all dependencies that are listed for freifunk-berlin/firmware.
  2. Install the buildslave:
sudo apt-get install python-dev python-virtualenv
virtualenv --no-site-packages sandbox
source sandbox/bin/activate
easy_install sqlalchemy==0.7.10 buildbot buildbot-slave
buildslave create-slave --umask=022 slave HOSTNAME PASSWORD

On Ubuntu you can also use the package provided by the package manager:

  1. Fill slave/info/admin with your name and mail (in case we need to contact you about a changed configuration)
  2. buildslave start slave
After a reboot or new login
virtualenv --no-site-packages sandbox
source sandbox/bin/activate

The buildbot can then be started or stopped with buildslave start slave or buildslave stop slave.

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