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Freifunk Berlin: Falter Firmware

Overall Project Structure and Falter Repositories

The Falter project builds a modern OpenWrt-based firmware for Freifunk Berlin. We split our code on different repositories. For the beginning there are three main repositories you should know:

  • packages: This repo holds the source code for an OpenWrt package feed. All falter specific packets reside there, regardless if they are luci-apps or just command-line-apps. Everything should be bundled as a package. If you want to file an issue or fix a bug you probably want to go here.
  • builter: The builter assembles Freifunk images from the OpenWrt-imagebuilder and the pre-compiled package feed from repo-builder. If you want to include a new app into falter, you'd need to add it to the packagelists defined here.

Specific Comments on this Repo

You will find a directory doc/ in this repository, which contains several documents on workflows, installation, building etc. It is planned, to have an automated documentation system for the falter-packages there too.

Write your Apps translatable, please

To get apps translated easily into another language, you should write your message prompts in a special way. For more information on that and a tutorial for actually translation, please go to doc/


In the build/-directory in this repository, you can find a build-script. It will download all necessary OpenWrt-SDKs, to compile the packages in this feed for a given architecture. The packages will appear in a directory of your choice. Please refer to for a more detailed tutorial on how to use that script. For a very quick start, take this:

# script-name, openwrt-version, CPU-architecture, output-directory
build/ openwrt-22.03 mips_24kc out/


You might include packages from this repository into your self-compiled OpenWrt-images. For detailed installation look at

Or just add following line to feeds.conf

src-git falter