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Makefile: add patch-openwrt and patch-feeds targets

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SvenRoederer committed Jun 22, 2019
1 parent ee2b76f commit 575d7c443051841adb353efba5c24d35eed3acf0
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@@ -97,12 +97,14 @@ pre-patch: stamp-clean-pre-patch .stamp-pre-patch

# patch openwrt working copy
patch: stamp-clean-patched .stamp-patched
.stamp-patched: .stamp-pre-patch
.stamp-patched: patch-openwrt patch-feeds
touch $@

patch-openwrt: .stamp-pre-patch
cd $(OPENWRT_DIR); quilt push -a
rm -rf $(OPENWRT_DIR)/tmp
$(UMASK); cd $(OPENWRT_DIR); ./scripts/feeds update
$(UMASK); cd $(OPENWRT_DIR); ./scripts/feeds install -a
cd $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/luci; quilt push -a
touch $@

.stamp-build_rev: .FORCE
@@ -270,6 +272,15 @@ unpatch-feed-%: $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/%
(cd $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*; quilt pop -a -f || [ $$? = 2 ] && true)
#rm -rf $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*/.pc

patch-feeds: $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf $(PATCH_FEEDS_TARGET)
$(info patching all feeds: $(FEEDS))
touch .stamp-patch-feeds

patch-feed-%: $(wildcard patches/packages/%/*) .stamp-feeds-updated patch-openwrt
$(info this is $@)
cd $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*; quilt push -a

clean: stamp-clean .stamp-openwrt-cleaned

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