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update packages_berlin to fixed version of autoupdate

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SvenRoederer committed May 24, 2019
1 parent f19b85d commit 7b84323472ec74aa1da97a8853b91c60de0ca765
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@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ src-git packages^13914fac461e2cefcda8dc9
src-git luci^0c7031bb1fa544959da521bb0c722118c5d1d08e
src-git freifunk^b8a567fc0c0874050cf09fe602d964d5f8fff93f
src-git routing^e40f6891e510b5ad0396620a34b99448b2f24e5f
src-git packages_berlin^3354aa5bdb2c2724ecca39bf13845a59e65c3d79
src-git packages_berlin^5fd94253833427dd76d7e6a6769c68a0cbc04f65
src-git gluon^a52d5ced54acfe399b3ac36b33d53034f341f06b


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