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Makefile: only call "quilt pop" when a .pc/ folder exists

This prevents quilt to look in the parent directory when the .pc folder is
not there, as the feed was never patched before. This has caused unpatching
the OpenWrt-folder when being called on an unpatched feed.
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SvenRoederer committed Jun 22, 2019
1 parent 3319bc5 commit 96038a0737d5a7d1ee3ab7d82ab486b3256e74c9
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@@ -266,7 +266,9 @@ unpatch-feeds: $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf $(UNPATCH_FEEDS_TARGET)

unpatch-feed-%: $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/%
$(info this is $@)
ifneq ($(wildcard $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*/.pc),)
cd $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*; quilt pop -a -f || [ $$? = 2 ] && true
#rm -rf $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds/$*/.pc

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