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Update LuCI-feed to yesterdays HEAD of master

30ee65fca adding ability for luci_stats config to have multiple UPS's
b21a425a2 i18n: sync translations
fef11c2ac luci-base: update Japanese translation
bb82d4e45 Merge pull request #2697 from musashino205/l10n/base-upd-ja
1e206cd32 Merge pull request #2514 from sandinak/feature_luci_stats_multiple_ups
50bb1185d luci-app-statistics: change nut voltage graph combines view.
1df3fe306 luci-base: Update Spanish translation
6d1a8490d luci-app-firewall: Update Spanish translation
34c400e0d luci-app-wol: Update Spanish translation
a57d4b0f8 luci-app-ddns: Udpate Spanish translation
96da9c08b Merge pull request #2699 from castillofrancodamian/base
0ad3ff01f Merge pull request #2700 from castillofrancodamian/firewall
8a18b721c Merge pull request #2701 from castillofrancodamian/wol
5c3f3cc30 Merge pull request #2702 from castillofrancodamian/ddns
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SvenRoederer committed May 15, 2019
1 parent 4faa400 commit 9f9c4d7351251816d562d6aa85a233cb5142bd1c
Showing with 1 addition and 1 deletion.
  1. +1 −1 feeds.conf
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
src-git packages^762778b36e4f4827162ff8b58992a794eb1404b7
src-git luci^444f06b1b05ca0a0f45be7883892630f49ebe9bd
src-git luci^5c3f3cc30c8901cd8477c2519f5e6921edf77c8d
src-git freifunk^3453fe95e3b5c94a2050b04f4bc3d187b27a9c51
src-git routing^040b8e875070831bb8b40b627ff026f306ef8cf6
src-git packages_berlin^d2a9e5edadad6b490ef9ccd9925e0e2122506787

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