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update to HEAD of OpenWRT-master (26. Nov 2018)

a734450d6f ath79: add Archer C58/C59 partition compatible
df2e6b64d1 ath79: add firmware partition compatible for OCEDO
37c848810c ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for I-O DATA devices
fa1a120a1a ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for ELECOM WRC-300GHBK2-I
f4abc962ec ath79: fix shebang
aa82fdf110 ramips: fix GB-PC1/PC2 build error
d7494f30f5 ramips: fix Lava LR-25G001 invalid led names
33878b0a40 kernel: ar8xxx: get_arl_table now shows all ports of an entry
be3e69d991 ramips: rt2880: fix pci cells definition
e4d9217fe5 ramips: improve BDCOM WAP2100-SK support
71ba834cf1 ramips: add Sanlinking Technologies D240 pinmux quirk
d6ce04dad8 ralink: fix mt7620 nd_sd pinmux
9ebce69611 ramips: revert fix rt3883 pci pinmux
8ec1a66c34 ramips: improve Skylab SKW92A support
533f7673ae netifd: update to latest git HEAD
749a29f76c Revert "ramips: mt7621-spi: replace the driver with upstream staging one"
48a7a2a75d ramips: fix switch ports mapping for newifi d2
bce555b09b lantiq: enable FXS ports on VR200v
879f2ef7c0 ath79: modify mtd partitions for Buffalo BHR-4GRV2
d6e92b18d9 ath79: Remove source-only flag
a44f000077 ramips: mt7621-spi: replace the driver with upstream staging one
20b09a2125 ramips: add support for Lava LR-25G001
b85fe43ec8 ramips: mt7620: add force use of mdio-mode
e61812fd34 ar8216: add adjust_link checking
ed25e3ac02 ramips: fix some clocks in mt7621.dtsi
c7ca224299 ramips: fix cpu clock of mt7621 and add dt clk devices
f5af8be636 ramips: fix register range of memc node in mt7621.dtsi
e217d69a4a ramips: merge two patches 101-mt7621-timer and 998-mt7621-needs-jiffies
83f08aebb1 ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for Buffalo devices
d93b09fa74 sdk: expose part of advanced configuration options
a73283dc10 kernel: nf-nathelper-extra depends on ipt-raw
e612e60517 ramips: add mt76x0 node to RT-AC51U device tree
5d5c0b0582 apm821xx: wndr4700: restore sd-card media detection
a2266a6d42 apm821xx: shuffle helper scripts to the front
d82d84694e apm821xx: add support for the Netgear WNDAP620 and WNDAP660
a9839fe638 generic: rtl8367b: make it possible to specify cpu_port via DT
910c2f9e68 generic: rtl836x: support defered probe on mdio-bus
fb4bed5fe9 apm821xx: import gpio-export DT code from lantiq
e21a9db47d apm821xx: MX60(W): enable u-boot environment
f6968952df apm821xx: MR24: add to uboot-envtools
6f4f77aa1d apm821xx: add uboot-envtools support
dc6af37544 ipq806x: Add support for IPQ8064 AP161 board
1ade96def7 ipq8064: pinctrl: Fixed missing RGMII pincontrol definitions
8baad26d01 ar71xx: fix RouterBOARD Power LED default state
38167cb7f4 hotplug: Allow configuring radio name.
41770add03 base-files: fwtool: Fix wrong checksum on combined-image with metadata
975019b3a7 amd64-microcode: create early load microcode image
a822283c7e x86: add amd microcode entries to grub config
946ffe470d ath79: add support for Archer C58/C59 v1
89eb1a6d72 ralink: Add support for GPIO as interrupt-controller
9989fd5154 ath79: add support for GL-iNet GL-X750
987b961537 ar71xx: add support for UniFi-AC-Mesh-Pro
16b950c981 ramips: Add support for ZTE ZXECS EBG3130 aka BDCOM WAP2100-SK
022ffb56b2 intel-microcode: create early load microcode image
546fced2a2 x86: add intel microcode entries to grub config
ad83fde30d intel-microcode: remove dependency on iucode-tool
51e199fbe8 x86: add packages files to image bootfs
f78b261637 x86: mount writable bootfs
31075313bf include/ remove boot directory
d42a7c4699 ath79: ubnt-m-xw: Fix factory image flashing using TFTP recovery method
db4b6535f8 ath79: Add support for Ubiquity Bullet M (XW)
ae2b43b873 ramips: fix ethernet for f5d8235-v2 board
e42327aa89 ramips: add support for Skylab SKW92A in EVB
0331770299 valgrind: enable LTO and refresh patches
493c9a3551 build: Introduce building of artifacts
b0d6653ab8 rb532: drop 4.9 support
9f13cde1fa rb532: switch to 4.14
920845357f rb532: add 4.14 support
a0d5acfbe2 nghttp2: bump to 1.35.0
1f4f9b2116 kernel/modules: TI ADS1015 kernel module support enabled.
e26a55e749 kernel/modules: ROHM BH1750 ALS IIO kernel module support enabled.
392eea392c mwlwifi: update to version
18398abe1e lantiq/basefiles: use shutdown instead of stop when the system goes down
7c104a8358 base-files: sysupgrade: Allow downloading of firmware images using HTTPS
7ef38e42c8 flex: Add a lex symlink
82b34c1f60 imx6: image: ventana: Add missing BOOT_SCRIPT variable
09eac6d13f strace: update to 4.25
7c4251d881 ramips: select kmod-mt76x0e for TP-Link ArcherC20i and wr902ac-v3
51c094e703 kernel: enable CONFIG_BRIDGE_VLAN_FILTERING
0bd99db511 uclient: update to latest Git head
18c5e7ba91 ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for Ubiquiti UniFi
3e19113d5d ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for WNDR3700 and v2
c8a005fefd ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for TP-LINK Archer C7 v2
c87d47aee8 kernel: drop unused arch_split_mtd_part()
f995e143ba kernel: add missing version.h include to the TP-LINK parser
a29c8d685b kernel: add DT binding support to the TP-LINK parser
ffd082aa38 ath79: specify "firmware" partition format for Netgear WNDR3800
a22311e6a6 kernel: add DT binding support to the uimage parsers
934edb764d kernel: don't auto-split "firmware" if it has "compatible" DT property
6680fab947 kernel: b53: register switch on probe
53020ed4b9 tools: tplink-safeloader: add C7v5 EU SupportList
c19f1a8665 procd: update to latest git HEAD
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SvenRoederer committed Nov 27, 2018
1 parent 40d648f commit ad35868986ace2a0dc2f9e539b56508501db906b
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@@ -3,6 +3,6 @@ SHELL:=$(shell which bash)
PACKAGES_LIST_DEFAULT=default tunnel-berlin backbone

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