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Update LuCI-feed to yesterdays HEAD of master

2c0c00d88 luci-app-polipo: Update Spanish translation
0db58d6c4 luci-app-adblock: Update Spanish translation
c0a3a2f40 luci-app-shadowsocks-libev: Udpate Spanish translation
00bb2db4f luci-app-nlbwmon: Add Spanish translation
436c2ea74 luci-app-ddns: Update Spansih translation
e65341e58 luci-app-banip: change maxqueue default / sync with banIP 0.1.1
0fd9f164f Merge pull request #2710 from castillofrancodamian/ddns
3eea81a4b Merge pull request #2705 from castillofrancodamian/adblock
0356ce014 Merge pull request #2709 from castillofrancodamian/nlbwmon
e312059fb Merge pull request #2707 from castillofrancodamian/shadowsocks-libev
e9da852fb Merge pull request #2703 from castillofrancodamian/polipo
0a63e65bf Merge pull request #2711 from dibdot/banip
686810594 luci-app-opkg: Update Spanish translation
b2b1c8390 luci-app-watchcat: Update Spanish translation
bf7418069 Merge pull request #2713 from castillofrancodamian/opkg
1992a323e Merge pull request #2714 from castillofrancodamian/watchcat
a3ffb498f luci-app-mjpg-streamer: Add Spanish translation
39e8e5494 Merge pull request #2715 from castillofrancodamian/mjpg
7681967fc luci-base: Update Spanish translation
3435c5272 luci-base: zh_CN: update Simplified Chinese translation
79f883f82 luci-app-firewall: Update Spanish translation
64645dd94 luci-app-aria2: Update Spanish translation
f6f534d05 Merge pull request #2717 from sotux/master-luci-base-zh_CN
02227ccfe Merge pull request #2718 from castillofrancodamian/firewall
3c4ae7755 Merge pull request #2719 from castillofrancodamian/aria2
a7d35ede7 Merge pull request #2716 from castillofrancodamian/base
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SvenRoederer committed May 18, 2019
1 parent 3830061 commit b8166f31e7eb5201dfd158481ce3e519c6ef72b3
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@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
src-git packages^011d5d89dd1a6aa06f737db636a3814d205e6d59
src-git luci^5c3f3cc30c8901cd8477c2519f5e6921edf77c8d
src-git luci^a7d35ede739f5a3135d3b690bb1b58e56fc61aea
src-git freifunk^3453fe95e3b5c94a2050b04f4bc3d187b27a9c51
src-git routing^040b8e875070831bb8b40b627ff026f306ef8cf6
src-git packages_berlin^d2a9e5edadad6b490ef9ccd9925e0e2122506787

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