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Makefile: improve target ".stamp-gluon-updated"

* have it depend on an existing
* gluon-update depends on .stamp-gluon-updated , which already
  depends on openwrt/feeds.conf
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SvenRoederer committed Nov 2, 2019
1 parent 563f1d1 commit d4a7183482d075f75bf7dde4b119cb9adc9a4669
Showing with 2 additions and 2 deletions.
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@@ -153,9 +153,9 @@ gluon-config: .stamp-gluon-configured_$(TARGET)
rm -f $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf

gluon-update: gluon-clean-openwrt .stamp-gluon-updated $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf .FORCE
gluon-update: gluon-clean-openwrt .stamp-gluon-updated .FORCE

.stamp-gluon-updated: $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf
.stamp-gluon-updated: $(GLUON_SITEDIR)/ $(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf
touch $@

$(OPENWRT_DIR)/feeds.conf: $(FW_DIR)/modules $(wildcard $(GLUON_SITEDIR)/

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